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The Car Wash of Doom

I swear I am not making this up, hell, I don't think I've got enough comedic genius to think up something like this, so here's the proof:

Believe me now? :)

Anyway, after a lot of nothing happening, Buster (Bumblebee's human pal) and his girly go tongue wrestling while cruising through a car wash. After their lip-locking, Buster's girly takes off which leads Buster to think that something Evil (read as: something to do with Decepticons) is going on. You can tell Buster is deep in thought because he is stroking his chin:

He doesn't seem to think that it could have been the 20 cloves of Garlic he ate before they went kissing that led to Jessie's hasty departure.... So like any other possessive boyfriend, Buster decides to stalk Jessie and ends up tailing her to...another car wash! However, this is a more sinister car wash because its bigger and Ratbat is there (the fiend!). As Buster investigates he discovers Ratbat's nefarious plan:

So the Evil Carwash of Doom steals your fuel...damn those bad guys in the 80s were sneaky.



















What? Are you expecting more? That's it, it really was that simple! You need closure? Buster beats up Ratbat with a crowbar and uhhh I forget, but it sucked.