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Okay, let's all sing it together -Transformers: more than meets the eye. Transformers: robots in disguise.

Robots in disguise - the whole idea behind Transformers. Giant alien robots who hide their robotic forms by hiding undetected as cars, planes, guns, donkeys, whatever. Some characters didn't fit that - Shockwave and the Dinobots for example, but they were explained from the beginning. Certain characters were based on Cybertron and didn't need Earthen forms....and then there were Pretenders.

Pretenders are robots in disguise to the highest degree - robots who hide inside shells that make them look human. There's a problem here though, humans are not 30 feet tall and don't wear brightly coloured jumpsuits.

 If the Pretenders were human sized then they could get away with the jumpsuit thing by claiming to be in ABBA or Slipknot (not that anybody would want to admit to being in either) or something. Only a complete moron could be surprised that these were not 'regular' humans.

Likewise, Scorponok is obviously a complete tool:

Yeah because the Autobots will never guess that six 30ft monsters marauding around Oregon are tied to the Decepticons. If he sent them to Tokyo that would be a different kettle of fish...

The Japanese series had a decent explanation for the whole Pretender deal, but let's face it, it couldn't have been any worse than this crap.

At least we know who to blame.