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The Wreckers
Take 2 completely arse toys in the form of Topspin and Twin Twist, add the Deluxe Vehicles: Roadbuster and Whirl and what have you got? 4 TFs that kids would never buy. So, the UK writers decided that as these pegwarmers could be used in any way they saw fit, they banded them together along with 2 invented characters - Impactor and Rack 'n' Ruin to form The Wreckers.

 The Wreckers were the Autobot's elite fighting force, they were nasty and would do whatever it took to reclaim Cybertron from the Decepticons. In fact, the first time we meet The Wreckers, they are killing off the Insecticons, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet in horrible ways (Shrapnel gets a harpoon through the eyes). Impressive!

However, we quickly learn that these are decoys of the real Deceps and are simply for training purposes and The Wreckers' reputation suddenly isn't so impressive. Later on, Impactor sacrifices himself to save Xaaron (awwww) proving that like John McClaine, John Matrix and Kyle Reese before him that he is a badass hero with a heart.

But what of the other Wreckers? Impactor get's replaced by everyone's favourites, the Triple Changers: Springer, Sandstorm and Broadside. Now that instantly sends a message to all the kids reading at home -
a) Impactor was such a tough guy that 3 Autobots were required to replace him or
b) The Triple Changers suck so badly that all 3 of them were required to replace Impactor who obviously wasn't very tough considering it only took one shot to kill him.

Seeing as none of the kids who were reading owned any of the Triple Changers, everybody knew that they sucked. Springer was the new leader which spelled certain doom for our 'heroes'. From this point on, Whirl isn't seen again, so presumably he liked Springer as much as everybody else and ran for cover.

Their first mission under Springer comes along and they decide to go after the number one Autobot enemy.......Optimus Prime!!! Impactor must be turning in his grave... Anyway, after failing to kill Optimus, The Wreckers turn their attention on Galvatron and decide to travel to Earth and attack him
in the middle of a shopping centre just as Cyclonus and Scourge are about to do the job for them. End result? Destruction of a town and the Wreckers get
a kicking from Cyclonus and Scourge while Galvatron sneaks off laughing at Springer's wonderful leadership.

Upon returning to Cybertron, the Wreckers get kidnapped by zombies (no I'm not making this up!) and need the assistance of Flywheels and Trypticon to save the day. Trypticon, yes...Flywheels????

Then comes the time for revenge. Springer decides to wreak revenge on Galvatron by teaming up with the Decepticon's elite fighting force - The Mayhem Attack Squad. The Mayhems consisted of Carnivac, Catilla (the Autobot!?), the mighty Flywheels, Battlecrap errr sorry I mean Battletrap and the Deluxe Insecticons. Yep, more jabronies that the writers knew Hasbro
didn't care about.

So, the Mayhem Wrecker Attack Jobbers get to Earth only to find Galvatron and Megs waiting for them. The Mayhems all get massacred except for catilla and Carnivac (yep even Flywheels dies) and the only Wreckers to survive are Broadside and Springer (Springer survives by standing around and point a lot while letting everyone get massacred). During the fight,
Roadbuster blows himself up which goes to show that it's better to die on your feet than to hang out with Springer and that freak Broadside.

So, in closing -

Number of things the Wreckers managed to wreck -
A whole heap of decoys made up to look like the Insecticons and the year 2 jets
Some random Decepticon in a bar
A high street in some small town

and let's not forget that Roadbuster blew himself up

If that's the Autobot elite, it's no wonder that Cybertron was under Decepticon rule....