Mexican Smokescreen


Pictured here is the later version of Smokescreen which is the corrected version. Below you can see that the toy is a "standard" Smokescreen, but there are still some differences between the US version and the Mexican version.


Here is the Mexican version 2 toy in car mode. The white stripes up the side of the car are thinner than on the US version and obviously it doesn't have a rubsign.  The picture above doesn't show that the red hood sticker (the bit attached to the windscreen) is a pinkish red (its actually a metallic sticker, I couldn't get it to show up in any picture) rather than the deep red of the US version.





The picture above shows the US (top) and Mexican (bottom) Smokescreens side by side. Click on the picture above to see a bigger version, in which you should be able to see the differing sizes of the white stripes. Also, note the differences between the front spoilers (more on that later). The '38' stickers are also different (they use the usual Mexican font).




You can see in the 2 pictures above that the Mexican version's (front) red paint on the wheel arches matches the red paint of the hood which is not a feature the US version has. In fact the red paint is lighter on the Mexican version all over to compensate for this change. The US version's wheel arches are lighter than the hood and the wheel arches have a blue line running down them, but the IGA version has these lines filled.



Here are the 2 Smokescreens in robot mode (The Mexican release is on the left).



The white part of the front spoiler is actually bigger on the Mexican version as is the sticker on there. The stickers on the back of the car (licence plate and rear lights) are metallic and use the standard IGA heavier line.



In robot mode, there are 2 obvious differences: the paint used on Smokescreen's face is grey rather than silver, but the big difference is that Smokescreen's "horns" are painted yellow rather than having gold stickers. However, there are also moulding differences on the front of the thighs and the tabs which hold the doors on are smaller, so it's pretty obvious that this toy was actually produced in Mexico despite the fact that it has a standard US copyright.



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