Mexican Smokescreen




There are 2 distinctly different versions of Mexican Smokescreen. The earlier and harder to find release isn't actually a Smokescreen but a Bluestreak repainted as Smokescreen. This version doesn't have the front spoiler or the rear spoiler mounted on the windows. This is an incredibly rare variation as only one is known to exist.





The second version is made from the Smokescreen mould but has several differences from the US release: The white stripes up the side of the car are thinner than on the US version and the red hood sticker (the bit attached to the windscreen) is a pinkish red (its actually a metallic sticker) rather than the deep red of the US version. The sticker on the front spoiler is a lot bigger than that of the US release and the most obvious difference is that the Mexican Smokescreen has yellow painted horns instead of the gold stickers found on the US one. These differences are present on both Mexican releases of Smokescreen. A detailed review of the second release with pictures comparing it to the US release can be found here



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Many thanks to Tim Bannerjee for the pictures of the Version 1 Smokescreen.

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