Barrage (brown version)
Back in the early 80's, Takatoku toys released a line of robots that turned into insects known as Beetras. There were 4 toys in the line: Beet Gadol, Beet Zeeguna, Beet Gugal and Beet Vadum. When Hasbro's Transformers line was more popular than they had imagined it would be, they realised that they didn't have enough Microchange and Diaclone toys to fill a now larger second series of Transformers. Hasbro would buy the rights and moulds to the Beetras toys and release them as the Deluxe Insecticons: Barrage, Venom, Chopshop and Ransack respectively.

Box front
Box back
Box insert
As you can see, the colour scheme is vastly different to the one Hasbro used. Instead of being a hideous green and yellow, Beet Gadol is a more pleasant brown and silver.
Toy, robot mode
Toy, beetle mode
Catalogue (side 1)
As is traditional in Japan, the Beetras robots were piloted by humans. The catalogue gives background details on the story, the pilots and the robots as can be seen above. The other side (below) shows the actual toys. 2 things of interest to be noted here: 1. the Beetras toys all had a third "gerwalk" mode which is a hybrid of their robot and insect modes (I forgot to take pics of this, but will soon), 2. on the far right hand side of the picture below is a panel that shows Takatoku toys' non-Beetras toys, most notably the Dorvack toys: Mugen Calibur and Ovelon Gazzette. These 2 toys were also picked up by Hasbro and released as the Deluxe Autobots Roadbuster and Whirl.
Catalogue (side 2)