Black Zarak

Box front
This recoloured and retooled version of Scorponok was released exclusively in Japan. In Japan, Headmasters are the robot while the large robot is just a body for the Headmaster to pilot. In the Japanese cartoon Scorponok was destroyed, but Lord Zarak rebuilt the body as Black Zarak.
Box back
Robot mode
The unfortunate thing about this toy is that the gold plastic is very brittle and breaks at the slightest touch. The big honking spear is very cool though :)
Close up of robot
The Headmaster feature is pretty redundant in Black Zarak as the head is a solid piece. It is hinged so that the Headmaster can be slotted in place and activate the meter in the chest piece, but the Headmaster is not needed to form Black Zarak's head.
Base  mode
Scorpion Mode