Multicoloured Brawns


Pictured above is the regular version of Brawn.



Although this Brawn seems to be identical to the version above, this one is Brazilian and is a darker shade of green.


Here is a real Mexican Brawn. There is very little difference between this and the US release other than the body being yellow rather than orange.


Here we have Outback who was a re-tooled and re-coloured version of Brawn. However.....



Here we have a Brawn re-coloured as Outback as released by IGA in Mexico.


Above we have another take on the Outback colour scheme but this time from Brazil.



Another Outback-esque colour scheme, but this time from Peru.



Here's the most bizarre version of Brawn that I have seen: he is black, yellow and purple. This one also hails from Brazil.