Multicoloured Bumblebee


Pictured above is the regular version of Bumblebee.



This red version of Bumblebee was released in 1984 and 1985 by Hasbro. It was available on both Cliffjumper and Bumblebee cards. The 1985 version is a lot harder to find than the 1984 version.



Hopefully, you will be able to tell that this Bumbleebee is a lighter colour than the regular TF version and it hails from China. I didn't know where it came from originally but the I found a carded version (card front card back). While the card is the same as the US version apart from the 2 Chinese language stickers, this Bumblebee has a different copyright stamping from the US/European release.

This yellow Bumblebee comes from Mexico, it is a little bit of a more vibrant yellow than the US version.


The silver version of Bumblebee pictured above was released in Brazil by Estrela as part of their Transformers line.



The red version above also comes from Brazil and it is a shade lighter than the Hasbro release.



This orange Bumblebee was released in Argentina by Antex (card front card back). It is very very poor in quality but it looks kinda cool :) Argentina also had a red version of Bumblebee (card front card back).



Another orange Bumblebee (although it is more of a peach colour) but this time from Peru. Unfortunately, this one is missing a wheel but considering how hard to find these are, it's no big deal :)