Multicoloured Cliffjumper


I've been dreading writing this page...anyway, here's Cliffjumper as we all know :)



Yellow version of Cliffjumper that was released on both Cliffjumper and Bumblebee cards throughout 1984 and 1985. Like the red Bumblebee, the 1985 yellow Cliffjumper is harder to find than the '84 version.


Not a Cliffjumper, but Hubcap :)



Another yellow Cliffjumper, but this time from Mexico.


This blue Cliffy was also released in Mexico.


However, this lighter blue version hails from Brazil's Optimus Vs Malignus line.


Gold Cliffy here was also released in Brazil, but in the first series.


This silver Cliffjumper is the most difficult version to find. It is a Mexican release (as noted from the copyright) and is the only known example. It was released as Hubcap and was a store exclusive.


White Argentinean Cliffjumper (card front).



Another Argentinean release (card front). This came with 2 different chest stickers (picture).