Grey Mexican Bluestreak

As you can see in the picture above, this Bluestreak is grey instead of silver which is the main variation. The factory stickers use a different font to the US version and they are also very papery. The red plastic used for the legs is the standard Mexican red plastic which was cheaper and more of an orange colour than red.


Here is the most obvious difference: the head is unpainted. This close up picture also shows the grey colour a little better than the other pictures on this page.



Mex BS in his car mode (above) and in his box (below).




Standard first series Mexican box back with the blocked out piece below the bar code and the graph-less tech spec. However, this one doesn't have the graph's axis.


The most controversial part of this particular Bluestreak is the bubble (it's a Wheeljack bubble). When I got this and my Mexican Prowl, the Prowl came with this insert, but because the bubble that came with Bluestreak had space on the top for police lights I assumed that they were the wrong way round and swapped them over. However, since then I found out that all Mexican Bluestreaks and Smokescreens come with Prowl bubbles. That probably means that this Wheeljack insert went with the Prowl.