Multicoloured Huffers






Here we have Huffer, who seems to have the smallest number of variations associated with him. Strange, considering he's one of the coolest minis. (Card front card back)



This Mexican Huffer is pretty much the same as the US version.



Pipes here is another 1986 Hasbro release. Unlike the other minis, Pipes actually transforms differently to his first series counterpart in addition to the new face, arms and paint job. This is a very different figure when compared to Huffer.


This blue Huffer (or Puffer as he has become known) is a Huffer with metallic blue paint and was released in Mexico. If this was supposed to be Pipes, then it was a poor effort. Having said that, this is one of the best minis simply because it looks great :)


This Huffer was obviously supposed to be Pipes as can be seen from the matching paint scheme. This version is believed to be Mexican but was actually sold on European cards. This Huffer and the Huffer above are 2 of the hardest minis to find.



The bizarre Huffer above is from Peru, where Transformers were released by a company called Lynsa. although it looks like it is poor quality due to the lack of chrome, it is actually of comparable quality to Hasbro's releases.