Pre-TF Omega Supreme

Box front
Originally released by Toybox in Japan, Omega Supreme was known as Mechabot-1 and was black, grey and red. However, there are 2 versions of the Pre-Transformers Omega....
Convertors Version box front
This version was released in the UK by Grandstand as part of their Convertors range. Convertors featured various Japanese toys (including Microman and Diaclone) all in one line with a storyline, in that story Omegatron was the leader of the evil Convertors. Many collectors regard this as being a bootleg, but Grandstand actually licensed this toy, so it is an official toy.
Convertors box insert
Neither the Toybox or Grandstand box was a "regular" box. The box consisted of styro with a cardboard band around it with a handle at the top. The handle fitted through a hole in the top of the outer box, which was simply a front piece which slotted over the front of the styro.
Robot mode
Obviously, this wasn't released with Autobot stickers, but the previous owner decided to apply some...
Close Up