Clampdown Prototype

This Clampdown initially doesn't look that different from the released version when in robot mode, but it has red stripes down the sides which are usually found on Red Alert. This Clampdown is a test shot.
When the robot modes are compared, the differences are a little more obvious: the red stripes down the sides and the black triangle on the chest is different. The prototype has a regular triangle but the production version has the curved triangle that is found on Japanese police cars. The proto also has a '3' carved into the chest.
The car mode of this prototype is a lot more striking than the robot mode. The roof and doors are unpainted and it's easy to see that this was a Red Alert which has been converted. The windscreen has '2nd' written on it in marker pen.
Front view of the car mode.
In the above picture the triangle differences on the front are a lot more obvious.
Side view of car mode.
Comparison side picture of Clampdown, prototype Clampdown and Red Alert. This picture illustrates how the prototype was originally a Red Alert and then converted.
Another comparison picture.
Another interesting note is that 4 screws are missing from the prototype as arrowed in the picture above. These screws would have been removed in order to replace the front part of the car and they were obviously never replaced.
This gun came with the Clampdown prototype but it's actually a Spychanger gun. Why this Clampdown has it is a mystery to me.