Multicoloured Windchargers


Regular Windcharger....nothing to see here.



The Mexican release of Windcharger is a slightly different shade of red and has a more metallic grey colour than the US release. It also doesn't have any silver paint on the mouth plate.



The 1986 release, Tailgate. This was a re-coloured and re-tooled version of Windcharger.



This was Mexico's version of Tailgate.



Although the Windcharger above is hard to tell apart from Tailgate in car mode, this is a Brazilian version of Windcharger and is obviously not Tailgate as can be seen in the toy's robot mode.



Another Brazilian release, this Optimus Vs Malignus version is pretty hard to find.



This version hails from Argentina and is poorly made just like the other Argentinian minis. Looks good in pictures, but that's about it :) (card front)



Another Argentinian release. 'Nuff said (card front).



I have no idea where this Windcharger comes from. It looks to be Mexican but most people think that it comes from Europe.



This is one of the 6 different versions of Windcharger that was released in Peru.